Historical Events Of 22 April Of India And The World's Major Events - 22 April

Historical Events Of 22 April Of India And The World's Major Events - 22 April  History Today - April 22 for India and the world have been several incidents in which is entered into the pages of history and often all about the history of many such Atihashik Genia will read about the 22 past April to belong to, Let us know what special events happened in the history of the country and the world today ie April 22

22 April Ka Itihas (Historical events of 22nd April)1809 - Second day of the Battle of Accumul: the Austrian army was defeated by the first French Empire, led by Napoleon.1864 - U.S. Congress passed the 1864 coin act1898 - Spanish-American War: USS Nashville, a Spanish merchant occupied the ship.1945 - World War II: 420 prisoners were killed and approximately 80 went to Jasenovac concentration camp revolt.1948 - Arab-Israel War: Haifa occupied by Arab forces on a major Israeli port.1969 - British sailing Sir Robin Knox-Johnston won the Sunday Times Golden Globe race and comp…

National Green Aviation Policy

National Green Aviation Policy

Reason of discussion
Recently, for the development of airports and other aviation projects in the country, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has proposed to create a simple regulatory framework. Under this, discussions have also been initiated on aviation and environmentally friendly initiatives in the aviation sector. In this regard, the Ministry has also invited people's opinions on the white paper issued under the name 'National Green Aviation Policy'.
'National Green Aviation Policy' is a new initiative launched by the government in light of global warming. This policy emphasizes the promotion of green and sustainable development keeping in view environmental protection. This policy also confirms the United Nations' sustainable development goal (SDG) 2030 UNFCCC.
Significantly, India is one of the fastest growing domestic aviation markets, which has the potential to become the world's third largest air passenger marke…

Some bitter truths related to agriculture

At present, a subsidy of about 2.2 trillion rupees is being given to farmers by fertilizer, power, crop insurance, and many other ways. With this, we have fixed a long-cherished program for the purchase of the product. A huge subsidy is being given to 75 percent of the rural population in food items. A 150-day employment guarantee scheme is being run in the villages. Free LPG connections are being provided through the Ujjwala scheme. Free education is being provided to children up to 14 years of age. And nowAyushmanhas also been expanded in India through health services.

Despite this seven-decade journey, the farmers are not taking the name of the end of discontent. Why is it so, and what should be done for it?

After four decades of independence, India has ruined it by creating crude policies. This is the reason why per capital income so far has been so low.

Growth speed in agriculture has been very slow in comparison to all the industries and services throughout this period. From 19…

If talks begin, then on the end of terrorism

Our Air Force Wing Commander Pilot Who will not be happy on the positive return of congratulations? This is our brave pilot, who did not care for his life and entered the Pakistani border and destroyed his F-16 fighter aircraft. It is Pakistan's responsibility to return the congratulations to India. This responsibility comes to any nation, due to signing the Vienna Convention. Pakistan has followed this law only by breaking it. He has done the job of cutting heads instead of handing over India to dozens of soldiers while following this international law, India provided 90,000 Pakistani prisoners safely in 1971.

In 1999, Nawaz Sharif had returned our pilot Nachiketa, but this time, Prime Minister Imran Khan tried to negotiate. They wanted India to start negotiations instead of returning congratulations, but, India made it clear that it will not get involved in this bargain. He had to declare congratulations to be unconditional. The way the Taliban were left in the Pakistani parlia…

How to make notes -1

About the preparations for the Civil Services Examination, the two biggest questions in the mind of the student continue to roam. The first of these questions is how do we write the answer in the examination and the second question is how to make notes? By the way, both of these questions appear separately and two seem to be known, but if these two are considered a little bit, then it will appear that despite being two, there are few or nothing in common. That is, the root cause of these two questions being born is the same.

In fact, the competition is increasing in the Civil Services Examination as much as it is natural that tension is also increasing in the same proportion in the mind of the student. As a result of this stress, they are searching for better writing material for writing answers as well as writing answers. I appreciate their efforts, because if the competition is tough, then the path should be as strong as possible, strong and sure. There are no two opinions in it th…

It is possible to make old cities a smart city.

In the current context, urbanization has become a symbol of development. That's because cities have higher employment prospects. Employment earns per capita income, and it contributes to national income.

According to the 2011 census, 31 percent of the population lives in cities of India. Climate changes have challenged the existence of many cities. Especially the seaside cities are no longer untouched by man-made disasters. Secondly, a large number of raw settlements have become in cities. Although the people living in it fulfill many requirements of upper and middle class related to the urban population, as victims of poverty themselves, they are deprived of infrastructure. Random traffic in every city has become a serious problem because there is a shortage of public transport services. Due to the pit on roads, lack of sewer system disrupted and uneven form of electricity, water and communication facilities make urban life problematic.

Karnataka's Municipal Management Insti…

Importance of farmers' respect fund

Under the recently announced "Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana", every marginal and poor farmer has been given Rs. 6000 per annum. Has been told to pay the money. Many of the opposition political parties have criticized this move of the government saying that given such a small amount is a humiliating one for the farmers.

It is known that the UPA Government has fixed the same amount of subsidy in the National Food Security Act. If we talk about the poverty line set by the Tendulkar committee in 2011, then there were some similar comments on it.

To deal with the fears of opposition parties, the monthly expenditure data of the beneficiaries of the PM-Kisan scheme should be looked at. It will be the direct evidence that in reality, the Prime Minister's Kisan Adhikar Nidhi will also improve some of their living standards or not?

The truth can be ascertained based on the figures of economic survey of four states like Odisha, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

During …